Automatic Question Generation

Assessment material development is a lot of work. School teachers spend long hours trying to prepare good test or revision material for students. To prevent cheating, many teachers even write several versions of each test, multiplying the work to be done. And not to mention grading! The issue is exacerbated by the rising popularity of online courses, in which a lot more students are involved in tests, revisions, and homework materials.

Furthermore, access to a large, varied pool of assessment items is a key to the success of many adaptive courses of study. …

There is an old saying that sunshine is the best medicine, and one of the biggest issues in any education system is that far too many children are falling through the cracks. This can be attributed to factors such as a lack of individual attention, and classes being so large that teachers find it difficult to notice certain things. With just a bit of personalised attention, every student could reach their potential.

To achieve this, a great place to start would be to understand what level a student is at and what concepts he/she is struggling with. School, being the…

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